Shop Jeen is the internet. As one of the fastest growing stores on the world wide web, Shop Jeen curates products specifically to be retweeted, reblogged and shared by the “Buzzfeed Generation.” If it has to do with pizza, Ryan Gosling or cats, we probably sell it.
We live the internet, constantly capturing and feeding back in the latest culture. Our customers come to buy what’s cool before they even know it’s cool. Shop Jeen is about being part of something—feeling relevant in a fast-paced social media world. We’re about expressing yourself whether it be with an alien iPhone case or a head to toe emoji ensemble.
When Beyonce wears an all pizza outfit, people assume it’s from Shop Jeen because it probably is. Retailers we don’t even know block us on Instagram. We’re the go-to place for the new-new and #sorelevant.
We’re young and fun because we are young and fun. We’re where pop culture dies and goes to heaven. HQ’ed in NYC, we have over a dozen employees. On Wednesdays we wear pink.
Shop Jeen was started in March 2012 by 20 year old Erin Yogasundram in her college dorm room at George Washington University in Washington D.C. Erin’s 20th birthday seemed like the perfect time to splurge on her first fashion investment—the Celine Luggage tote she had always wanted. After making that impulsive purchase, Erin realized that her dreams of owning her own boutique far outweighed her desire to own the coveted handbag. Decidedly, she sold her beloved bag on eBay and used the $3,000 profit she made from the sale as the initial investment to launch the online boutique of her fantasies. With absolutely no outside capital, Shop Jeen has grown organically from the ground up.
In January 2013, Erin reunited with and brought onboard Creative Director Amelia Muqbel, who she had met several years before while interning together at famed fashion house Alexander Wang. Through Erin and Amelia’s creative partnership, Shop Jeen developed the voice that defines it today.
Since its founding, the company has seen tremendous growth fueled entirely by its loyal fans. Shop Jeen has an astronomically influential social media presence with over 50,000 Facebook fans, Tumblr posts with over 100,000 notes and over 600,000 Instagram followers refreshing their feed and anticipating their next post.
Started from the bottom, now we here.