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ShopJeen.com is a global online mecca, housing the most on-trend clothing & accessories on the world wide web. Catering to the “Buzzfeed Generation”, Shop Jeen’s offerings are curated carefully by Creative with the intention of “going viral”. Shop Jeen has an exceedingly influential social media presence with a combined Instagram following of 600,000, a Facebook following of 50,000 and Tumblr posts with 50,000+ notes. Shop Jeen has seen tremendous organic growth fueled entirely by loyal fans. Since it’s founding in March 2012, Shop Jeen has amassed 5+ million visits. The wildly successful, socially driven e-commerce website sells a wide range of goods ranging from $1 for a pack of novelty gum to $1000 for a Swarovski embellished necklace.
Shop Jeen was founded in March 2012 by 20 year old Erin Yogasundram in her college dorm room at George Washington University in Washington D.C. Erin’s 20th birthday seemed like the perfect time to splurge on her first fashion investment - the Celine Luggage tote she had always dreamed of. After making that impulsive purchase, Erin realized that her dreams of owning her own boutique far outshone her desire of owning the coveted handbag. Decidedly, she sold her beloved bag on eBay and used the $3000 profit she made from the sale as the capital to launch her dreams of owning a boutique.  With absolutely no loans or investments, Shop Jeen has been grown organically from the ground up.
Erin has combined her experiences from working internships at Vogue, Marie Claire, Alexander Wang, Bottega Veneta & 3.1 Phillip Lim to bring ShopJeen.com to fruition. The early success of Shop Jeen proved to be such an invaluable endeavor, that a classroom setting proved incompatible for the 21 year old entrepreneur.  So in May 2012, Erin packed her bags, dropped out of GWU and drove a UHAUL to New York City to open the Shop Jeen headquarters. Though now only 22, Erin has a long history of entrepreneurial spirit, including owning a celebrity autograph store at the age of 12, a shoe lace business at the age of 15 and a personal shopping service at the age of 18.
In January 2013 Shop Jeen, Shop Jeen hired Amelia Muqbel, former Director of Sales at Noir Jewelry, as Creative Director. Erin and Amelia, who met while interning together back in 2010 at famed fashion house Alexander Wang, reconnected through social media. Under Amelia’s direction, Shop Jeen has expanded it's categories to include Apparel, Books, Stationery, Toys, Electronics & more. Today, Shop Jeen employs 9 staff members and occupies 3 offices in New York City.  Shop Jeen’s presence on social media is exceedingly influential, with almost half a million Instagram followers refreshing their feed and anticipating their next post.